Thank You!
........Spring 2010

Thanks to all my Volunteers, who are my dearest friends!

Without them I would not have been able to undergo this expedition...

Leslie Gordon
Leslie volunteered to be my Webmaster. She will edit and post all my journal entries on my website, which I’ll send per satellite phone. She, with her cute doggie, was also frequently my “ballast” when I trained with my “cargo” ship. Leslie will also be one of our “back-ups” to send us the ice map, which we desperately need to plan our daily route. Thank you so much Leslie!!

Gale Mortland
Gale supports me in every possible manner. She reminds me of the things I have to train, to pack, and helped me to find the right gun. Gale gave me her car to transport my double Feathercraft on the roof, since my roof rack did not support an 18-ft-long boat. Gale will also send us the weather forecast and the ice map for Svalbard every other day. Thanks you Gale for being such a supportive friend!

John and Matt K. from Euclid
These two great gentlemen helped me with my shotgun. They taught me everything I had to know, and gave me advice how to deal with the gun on the transport. They taught me how to sheet. I was SCARED of guns. John is the best teacher I can think of. I am not afraid of guns anymore and I see that guns have their advantages. In the Arctic to protect me from Polar bears. Thanks Guys, you are terrific friends!

Marty Cooperman
Without Marty, I would not know how to sail my wonderful Balough sail. Marty paddled beside my boat and gave me advice. Read my training descriptions, please. I ended up in Bushed several times. But Marty did not give up on me. He sat in the front sat of my boat and gave me advice in which angle to attack the waves. Marty you are the greatest! Thanks.

Dave from Balough Sails
Dave gave me the first introduction to sailing and especially sailing in difficult condition. Dave also gave me a lot of extra spare parts and advice how to repair my sail. He raised my confidence tremendously. Thanks, Dave

Last but not least, I want to thank my dear husband James. He believes in me and my abilities, gives me courage, and trusts me. He lets me go for several months. James will send weather forecasts and the ice map on weekends. I thank you so much James, I love you! Do something nice on Father’s Day!